Home Theatre

Imagine a mystical space in your home where with the push of a button, you can be transported to another place, another time or even another universe. 

Now imagine that this space is almost invisible – that it appears at your command and elegantly transforms itself into a luxurious

home theatre with performance rivaling even the finest first run cinemas. And finally, imagine that it is easy to use. The lights, the curtains, the programs all responding to simple straightforward commands, like Play Movie or Watch TV. Effortless easy intuitive commands.

Make that dream come true. 

It might be a plasma TV integrated into a living room setting with speakers and equipment tastefully assembled into the room. It might be a system in the den, completely hidden from view until movie time. It might be full blown stand alone 100 inch screen and projector, along with a THX certified sound system in your home. 

It doesn't have to be big to be impressive and enjoyable. Imagine a small LCD rising from a cabinet at the foot of the bed. Speakers mounted discretely in the wall or ceiling. Electronics tucked away in an armoire. Small, inconspicuous and dynamic. 

Through a network of architectural, audio and video specialists on our team, we can design assemble and install a high performance theatre, uniquely designed to fit you décor, lifestyle and budget.

To ensure that your home theatre meets your every expectation, we have highly trained experts with the most advanced calibration tools and techniques available. Ongoing education and certification programs ensure that your installation will meet all technical expectations and provide the highest levels of performance and satisfaction.

A combination of tasteful architectural design, dedicated installation experts and a choice of some of the finest available electronics make for the ultimate home theatre.

Whatever your vision and dream, through careful planning, design, installation and setup, your theatre dreams can come true.