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Rss feeds ⻠sitewide | earth | heavens | body | brain | culture| technology home earth heavens body brain culture tech compulsive behavior in mice cured by bone marrow transplant posted on: may 27, 2010 - 4:50pm tweet scientists earlier found that mice missing one of a group of core developmental genes known as the hox genes developed an odd and rather unexpected pathology: the mutant animals groomed themselves compulsively to the point that they were removing their own hair and leaving self-inflicted open sores on their skin. average price viagra without insurance Now, they've found a surprising connection between the hoxb8 gene and the behavior that looks an awful lot like that of people with an obsessive compulsive spectrum disorder (ocd). buy generic viagra Even more stunning, they report in the may 28th issue of cell, a cell press publication, the animals' neuropsychological behavior can be cured by bone marrow transplant. cheapest viagra to buy It turns out that the hoxb8 gene in question plays an important role in the development of immune cells known as microglia, which reside in the brain. Studies in which the researchers labeled hoxb8 cells found that they show up in the brain exclusively in bone marrow-derived microglia. was kosten viagra 20mg When they transplanted healthy bone marrow from control mice into the mutant animals, normal microglia made it to the animals' brains in about four weeks' time and many of the animals then stopped their incessant grooming, allowing their hair to grow back in, within three months of the procedure. classicmotocrossimages.com/mbs-canadian-pharmacy-viagra-no-prescription-ex/ Those discoveries answered one big question "why a hox gene? viagra cost canada " according to the researchers. viagra cheap pills After all, microglia arise from hematopoietic stem cells in bone marrow before they reach their final destination in the brain and hox genes are known to be heavily involved in hematopoietic cells, according to mario capecchi of howard hughes medical institute and university of utah school of medicine. buy viagra online "but then, microglia and behavior? buy viagra without prescriptions " he asked. of a viagra salesman "we would expect neurons to control behavior – the circuitry of the brain – but then all of sudden we get this 'wild card' that microglia control behavior. http://medicaresupplementspecialists.com/pfz-viagra-prescriptions-mn/ " the classic job of microglia, which outnumber neurons in the brain, is to scan the brain for problems, he explained. buying viagra When they find that something is wrong – maybe a pathogen has invaded or there has been a stroke – they change their shape to infiltrate the area and "clean up the mess. Safety of buying viagra online " if you asked most any neuroscientist what microglia do, that's what they would probably tell you, capecchi said. In retrospect, he says, perhaps there were hints that microglia might be doing something more complicated. Fine processes that extend from the so-called resting microglia are always moving around in space. cheapest viagra prices "they can cover the whole brain space every hour," he said. Is it legal to buy viagra online in australia "the processes randomly 'walk' around extending and protracting, scanning the brain. non prescription viagra nz They are quite dynamic even when they are called 'resting. viagra for sale '" others have recently shown that the cells move around and then suddenly stop at synapses (the conne. average price viagra without insurance Viagra 100mg kaina Residential Systems Integrators - Enhancing Your Lifestyle
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