Signup and pricing explore github features blog sign in star 5 fork 1 public cmungall / uberon code network pull requests 0 issues 58 graphs search: see all results new issue browse issues milestones back to issue list issue #38 open 3 comments labels rfoulger opened this issue august 08, 2012 atrioventricular canal and atrioventricular valve no milestone no one is assigned should 'atrioventricular canal ; uberon_0002087' have a relationship to 'atrioventricular valve ; uberon:0002133'? generic viagra india no prescription Relates to a go term request from the bhf group, which suggests a part_of relationship would be correct. Average price viagra without insurance Thanks, becky 3 participants people who have participated in this issue rfoulger cmungall mellybelly cmungall commented august 08, 2012 part_of would be inappropriate due to the difference in timing. buy viagra online E. viagra pills ebay G. buy generic viagra In human: ehdaa2:0000152! viagra 100mg kaina Atrioventricular canal [ends_at: "cs15"] [starts_at: "cs12"] ehdaa2:0000153! generic viagra online Atrioventricular valves [ends_at: "cs20"] [starts_at: "cs14"] develops_from might be a possibility. cheap viagra online Zfa, ehdaa2 and pmid:15797462 have the valves developing from the endocardial cushions ehdaa2 is most specific here. discount viagra online For an example of how av development is handled in this ontology see the diagram in this scratchpad here: note that in ehdaa2 the av canal is a lumen and thus does not develop from a material structure. does viagra or viagra work better In other aos the canal is a multi-tissue structure. 36 hour viagra canada In zfa it develops from the "presumptive av canal" cmungall commented august 29, 2012 jonathan says "all of the internal lining of the heart is endocardium (vascular epithelium that originally derives from mesenchyme)" "hence: if the canal is a structure, it is made of vascular epithelium" and suggests: atrioventricular canal: part of some atrioventricular canal endothelilal linining located_in some atrioventricular canal lumen which i think is the best way to do this mellybelly commented august 29, 2012 seems the classic lumen vs lining problem. viagra without a doctor prescription We have atrioventricular canal endocardium as well as the canal itself, but the canal isn't currently classified as a space. cheap generic viagra I agree, the endocardium class should be located in the lumen class. Another question is whether to retain the canal class in the later and adult stages, since this would technically be the location of the valve, but human doesn't seem to call it a canal once the valves have developed? viagra online Could state simply that the valves are located in the lumen of the heart. Viagra in spain over the counter Valves should develop from cushions (which they do in uberon now). viagra 100mg kaina Sign up for free to join this discussion on github. viagra for sale Already have an account? viagra 100mg kaina Sign in to comment github links github about blog features contact & support training github enterprise site status clients github for mac github for. Viagra and grapefruit enhance
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