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Touch Screen Had increased my soya intake before first noticing the swelling in my throat. viagra canada However, after reading up, it seems that soya is something to avoid if you have a thyroid problem as it acts against good thyroid function. It may be that those few months of soya intake enlarged my thyroid enough for me to notice the swelling and go to the gp and hence, eventually, get the diagnosis that otherwise may have gone unnoticed for many more years. As for calcium, you may find that, after your completion thyroidectomy, you are given calcium tablets to take, as your parathyroid glands may be removed, damaged or go into shock following surgery. Low calcium is quite serious and your levels will be monitored every few weeks with blood tests. Calcium intake is something that we will probably have to monitor long-term as over-medication with thyroxine to suppress tsh can cause osteoporosis. http://sweet-vibrations.com/tkj-generic-viagra-online-canada-cost-bk/ Having the thyrogen injections instead of hormone withdrawal is a good option as, not only do you not have the symptoms of being hypo, but because your body doesn't slow down, it is able to deal more quickly with the rai and hence it passes through your body quicker. It's a whole new world isn't it?.... And one none of us wanted to be in! Best of luck, jenny x. buy viagra cheap Thyroxin, thyroid cancer follicular/papillary & rai posted by goliver4 on 28 nov 2010 12:41 pm re: hurthle cell carcinoma can't keep up barbarel- but thyrogen in my case was essential, and it helped a lot i think. Because i wnt in for rai on a monday i had district nurse give me 2 jab on sat & sun. Check with the nuclear scientist who will be probably with an assistant be in charge of radiation treatment. milkpaint.com/ibe-buy-cheap-viagra-canada-bz/ Evryone else scarpers once you have taken 'the pill'(yellow with rad symbol on it - comes in on a trolley in a dense metal dodecohedran.   a holder like a bic biro case is swivelled onto the pill. You then take this holder and lift it out. 100mg viagra vs 20 mg viagra Put the biro tip nearest ie not thepill- and tip back alowing the pill to torpedo down pipe into your mouth etc... buy generic viagra  fun! is ordering viagra online illegal ). I digress. buy viagra viagra viagra Ask now to talk on phone to your nuke ~scientist and ask him or her if it's really nec to cut out all iodine from your diet. I more or less stuck to low iodine, only to be told that it wasn't really that essential. viagra tadalafil wikipedia He was more concerned about certain ee's that might be in fruit drinks. take viagra and viagra at the same time Boiled sweets nb. Thyroid cancer follicular/papillary & rai posted by kazzyx2 on 29 nov 2010 5:25 pm re: hurthle cell carcinoma hi barbarel, just to let you know that 19 months ago i had a 6cm follicular tumour removed and i'm doing well. viagra online without prescription Mine was right up to the capsule and there was 'some evidence that the blood supply was beginning to be involved'. All blood tests have come back good including. Home Theater
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