If the patient cannot tolerate surgery or the cancer has spread to other organs, chemotherapy or radiation may be used to help reduce symptoms. viagra cheap This is called palliative therapy. buy viagra canada In such cases, the disease is usually not curable. buy viagra cheap Other treatments that may be used to improve a patient's ability to swallow include endoscopic dilation of the esophagus (sometimes with placement of a stent to keep the esophagus dilated), or photodynamic therapy. In photodynamic therapy, a special drug is injected into the tumor, which is then exposed to light. viagra oral jelly india The light activates the medicine that attacks the tumor. cheap viagra and viagra online Support groups: patients can often ease the stress of illness by joining a support group of people who share common experiences and problems. See cancer - support group. Expectations (prognosis): esophageal cancer is a very difficult disease to cure. viagra coupon When the cancer has not spread outside the esophagus, surgery may improve chances of survival. Radiation therapy is used instead of surgery in some cases where the cancer has not spread outside the esophagus. For patients whose cancer has spread, cure is generally not possible and treatment is directed toward relieving symptoms. Complications: difficulty swallowing pneumonia severe weight loss resulting from not eating enough spread of the tumor to other areas of the body calling your health care provider: call your health care provider if you have difficulty swallowing with no known cause and it does not get better, or if you have other symptoms of esophageal cancer. Prevention: the following may help reduce your risk of squamous cell cancer of the esophagus: avoid smoking limit or eliminate alcoholic drinks people with symptoms of severe gastroesophageal reflux should seek medical attention. generic viagra ingredients Screening with egd and biopsy in people with barrett's esophagus may lead to early detection and improved survival. People who are diagnosed with barrett's esophagus should be checked regularly for esophageal cancer. References: orlando rc. generic viagra ingredients Diseases of the esophagus. generic viagra ingredients In: goldman l, ausiello d, eds. Cecil medi. http://sweet-vibrations.com/tkj-generic-viagra-online-canada-cost-bk/ buy viagra Home Security Control 4
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